President & CEO

Hello, I’m Jerry Anderson
On behalf of all who generally exercise or strength train, This company was formulated because assistance is needed for the millions of everyday citizens who exist, that don't have the time to focus on living healthier lifestyles.

People have lost focus or completely forgotten about what it takes to have total body strength, no matter what age. There are those who manage to get to the gym to workout, in that process they get left using the same old equipment.

If you're like me, you'll fail in your search to find some type of abdominal equipment to use that will do it's job. To find that there's nothing there or the equipment is broken or occupied by someone. ultimately leaving disappointed 

You'll attempt to go to the store to try to find your own combination of equipment to use for core strengthening. There also are those that are working people who want to workout at home but can’t afford to put together all that’s needed to workout in a private setting.

The problem is that they wind up unsuccessful in their search. Mainly because what's needed doesn't exist.

Phantom solutions will meet the need of those who are searching for the answer to their fitness problems. We will provide customers with better options to use to strengthen their total body.

We will solve the problem people face of strengthening their core area once and for all. The first product launched will be a piece of fitness equipment that will make 95% of all ab strengthening equipment obsolete. The name of the first product is called the Ablocker

It is the only product in the world that will offer multiple strength training options to all people. By giving the consumer something that they’ve never experienced with any other piece of abdominal equipment on the market.

Multiple exercises from one apparatus that will be fully transportable and accessorized to all users specific needs. We will eliminate the need of purchasing other items to maximize a workout. 

Through extensive market research, we've strongly taken into consideration what the fitness market needs There are two trends in Fitness today.

1. Consumers have moved  away from using conventional weights of any kind.

2. There's a spike in data showing consumers doing strictly bodyweight training, using an apparatus of some kind.

Phantom solution Inc. is highly motivated to bring a new look to the fitness world. 

From my experience all abdominal equipment on the market  sold today is one dimensional. From my frustration, the ABLOCKER was created, giving all users a five dimensional benefit from one apparatus.

Ultimately, ABLOCKER fitness and Phantom solutions will be remembered for creating a paradigm shift in the fitness industry.